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His Majesty’s Royal Banquet of Dames - Complete Set [Sexy Erotic Adults-Only Audio Porn Series XXX]

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Includes all eight episodes of His Majesty's Royal Banquet of Dames, amounting to over 2.5 hours total. That's more than most feature films! The whole bundle is discounted, so you can get all eight audios for only $6.50 each.

NSFW 18+ adults only F4M sexy audio play.

You are the king of Quarteria, and you’ve just announced your Royal Banquet of Dames. Ladies from all over the kingdom—your subjects, staff, guards, and even some enemies—line up for a chance to be fucked by your royal cock. Enjoy your seven course meal, Your Majesty!

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If you want the individual episodes, or want to preview the audio on each page:

Episode 1 - Hors D’Oeuvres: Breeding the Virgin Farmer Girl Who’s Eager to Please Your Cock

At the beginning of your banquet, you call forth an eager-to-please virgin farmer girl, who repeatedly calls you “Your Majesty” and praises you for being such a strong, virile, handsome king. She strips before you and the court, including her family who are proud to watch her give you her virginity, then proceeds to pleasure you with her hands and tongue. She climbs on top of you as you sit on your throne. She eagerly rides your cock until you cum inside and fill up her pussy with your coveted semen.

Episode 2 - Soup: Buttercream Makes Your Cock and the Milfy Cook’s Huge Tits Extra Delicious

After deflowering and breeding the farmer girl during your hors d’oeuvres course, you walk back to the kitchen for your second course: soup. The middle-aged cook is surprised that you’ve picked her next, when you have so many younger girls to choose from. But you’ve always loved her warm voice, loving nature, and oh those tits of hers! Plus, she has quite the talent for making everything delicious.

Episode 3 - Appetizer: Granting Amnesty to a Foreign Priestess by Taking Her Virginity

After the milfy cook has thoroughly creamed up your cock and balls, you make your way to your private garden for your third course: the appetizer. The beautiful, soft-spoken foreign priestess longs for the day she'll be an official citizen of yours, so you offer her a trade. For her virginity, you'll make her a citizen that very day. She eagerly jumps at the opportunity to please you.

Episode 4 - Salad: Pervy Physician Uses Science to Enhance Your Cock

Halfway through your banquet, you visit your royal chemist. She prescribes you a potion to increase your sperm count to godly levels, so you can impregnate everyone you fuck for the rest of the day, and she also offers you warming lube and an intense female aphrodisiac. But you want to see it in action and ask her to use it on herself . . .

Episode 5 - Main Course: Captain of the Guard Ties You Up and Confesses Her Lust

Strengthened by the chemist’s concoctions, you make your way to the training hard to your main course: the captain of the guard. She takes you to the armory, where she ties you up and role plays as a villain who holds you captive. During her role play, she confesses that she’s lusted for you for a long time and breeds herself with your super-charged cum.

Episode 6 - Palate Cleanser: Edging an Imprisoned Assassin Until She Begs for Your Cock

You accompany the captain of the guard to the dungeons, where an imprisoned assassin awaits her punishment for plotting your murder. The captain ties up the assassin and teases her body, denying her the release of orgasm. The only way she’s allowed to cum is with your cock inside her.

Episode 7 - Dessert: The Court Magician’s Tricks Inflates Your Cock and Her Ass

It’s the end of your banquet, and you go back to your royal chambers for some rest. The court magician uses her magic tricks to play with the size of your cock and her tits and ass. She invites you to fuck her inflated ass and breasts, then wishes you a good night. Thus concludes your banquet . . . or not?

Episode 8 - Midnight Snack: Exiled Enchantress Entraps You in a Sexy Revenge Spell

It’s past midnight, and your Banquet of Dames is over . . . or is it?

An enchantress you had banished appears in your bed, but you can’t move or speak. All you can do is lie there while she unveils her designs to bring you to orgasm. Once you come inside her, she’ll take control of your life, your body, your kingdom, to tear them all apart the way you tore apart her life when you banished her.

All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This audio is only intended for those 18 and up.

Written, produced, and performed by Mimi Hung

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His Majesty’s Royal Banquet of Dames - Complete Set [Sexy Erotic Adults-Only Audio Porn Series XXX]

3 ratings
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