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Keep Quiet or the Vampire Sisters Will Hear You Moan [Sexy Erotic Adults-Only Audio Porn XXX]

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21-minute NSFW 18+ adults only F4M sexy audio play.

While you’re out traveling in the woods outside an unfamiliar town, you’re caught in a sudden storm. You seek refuge in the nearest structure: an abandoned manor. After stripping down and hanging up your wet clothes, you retire to bed . . . but it turns out, the manor isn’t abandoned after all. Three vampire sisters occupy it. One of them paralyzes you and wakes you up, then proposes a little game. If she can make you cum before your moans summon her sisters, then she’ll set you free. If your moans draw their attention before then, the sisters can feast upon the meal that so willingly entered their house . . .

CW: Dubcon, paralysis

For those in the mood for a scarousal audio and like to be punished for enjoying themselves too much.

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All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This audio is only intended for those 18 and up. The performer does not condone nonconsensual sex or any harmful acts that are depicted in this audio; they are fantasy and for entertainment purposes only.

Written, produced, and performed by Mimi Hung

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Keep Quiet or the Vampire Sisters Will Hear You Moan [Sexy Erotic Adults-Only Audio Porn XXX]

1 rating
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